Lundi 22 août 2011

Steve Jobs tells us the real meaning of design

For example iPad, iPod or Macintosh, these products are not simple, they are the perfect combination of software, but it looks so simple in the look and feel. They are not only product design, they are artistic, creative expression, in the tradition. Emphasis, to maintain simplicity, this design is more complex than the cumbersome processes and higher over the art. However, simple has become an essential factor of success of user experience. ipad to mac can help you transfer files from iPad to Mac in an Easy way.

"I would like to talk about Apple brand, and its meaning for us- I think, People who must have different ideas will buy Apple. Those who spend money on Apple Computer, thier way of thinking is different with others. They represent the innovative spirit of this world, rather than a group of powerless, people who work only for the completion of their thoughts is to change the world, will use all possible tools to achieve it. We want to create this tool for this group of people. I hope you saw and heard today, which means a new beginning, it gives us confidence, we also have to learn to think in different ways, to those users who from the outset to support our products to provide the best service." Jobs said. Jobs better understand the consumer than anyone in his company, understand their needs, aspirations and dreams. A few weeks before the lecture in Boston, he had 100 Apple employees to ask a question: "Who is the world's largest education company?" Only two people are given the correct answer: Apple. When Apple and Apple products, have become a culture and a fashion, when Steve Jobs who take things even more, one wonders if there is no Steve Jobs, Apple is still that Apple? Speaking of Apple, the most successful product is iPhone, launched in 2007, complete subversion of the exterior design and mobile phone experience, from the mobile phone industry is divided into "iPhone appeared, and the iPhone appears." ipad to computer is a wonderful program for iPad fans.

Steve Jobs told the "Wireless" magazine said: "The design is an interesting word. Some people think design means the appearance, but if you explore the depth of it, it actually refers to the role. The design of Mac is not its appearance, this is only part of them. Fundamentally, but also its function. To design a good product, you must understand that you must truly understand all of 'design', there must be thorough that kind of enthusiasm about it, chew it, slowly tasting. There is very few people take the time to do that. " Many ipad users have the common problem that is how to watch movies on ipad, you can find the best answer from google or yahoo.

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Vendredi 19 août 2011

Which brand can be compared with apple

Apple with its glory attracts more and more consumers. Like all Apple products, iPad is stylish and elegant, dazzling. Now I find that compared to theproducts that have pretty design and easy to use, Apple is more revolutionary in another area. Apple found a secret: the language can be both beautiful and easy to use. Text can be more elegant and humorous, let people feel happy. (Even if other companies had know this secret, and had forgotten.) Apple's success is especially noteworthy. Because of its success in large part due to four products - iPad, iPod, Mac and iPhone. Apple now has a matching software, such as OSX, Safari browser, iTunes and App Store. These non-hardware together to create a "iProduct" empire. With the aid of the third-party software we can achieve to wirelessly sync iPod Touch to Computer.

Those brands who compete with Apple nearly failed, or nearly started under enormous competitive pressure. Blackberry, Kindle, and ASUS netbook on the function, in terms of content access and software applications, can not match with Apple. Apple's sophisticated hardware, software and stylized organic mass media content together, allowing opponents far behind. On Windows Mobile, Firefox and Google's search engine, by the operating system and browser software packages on the composition of the apple for them to form a great threat. For Flash, Apple's attitude is implicated directly blocked, at least in Apple's own products. Apple's iPhone has undoubtedly become a benchmark, as long as this so-called competitors release new products when the Association and to compare Apple's iPhone, to prove his relative to Apple's strengths and challenges Apple's confidence. But everyone knows the world has only an apple, when it will be a product to be almost in the extreme, the newcomers have done better, and can not be Apple, even, people will think you are the copy Apple only. With this best dvd rippers software, you can easily rip DVD to AVI, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, 3GPP, MPG, ASF, FLV, VOB, WMA, M4A, MP3, etc. with super fast speed.

Apple is an "alternative", it is one of the world's largest high-tech companies and is also the darling of Wall Street. Apple is a hardware, software, content providers, consumer electronics as one of the company. It created a more than one but three can claim to have landmark products. The product content distribution pattern seems to subvert the consumer demand for products. Apple is a killer, is the universal enemy, because Apple wants to be the first in the market.

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Jeudi 18 août 2011

Why are people willing to choose Apple products

Why do so many people would choose the iPhone? Look beautiful? There are many beautiful mobile phones than the iPhone in the market. Convenient? It is very inconvenient to use iPhone 4, is trouble to copy files, trouble to play video files (format problems), and even have trouble in charging, because they can not be replaces the battery. So what makes a large number of consumers become loyal fans of Apple, so obsessed with Apple products, iPhone mobile phone? I think it is the iPhone's system and application store. iOS is needless to say, even with the highest of Android, I do not feel it has good fluency than iOS. I have not found the fluency of a cell phone can surpass the iPhone 4, I believe that as long as you played the iPhone 4, you will not let it go, because it deeply attracted you. iPad to Mac transfer is specially designed for Mac users, it can fast transfer, rip, copy and manage your music, videos, photos, podcasts and TV Shows between iPad/iPhone and Mac and add them to your local iTunes library.

App Store has more than 300,000 applications, it is not a joke. It is these large number of applications, in order to attract more consumers to use Apple products. From one side, most users choose to buy the iPhone because of Apple's softwares, this is no exaggeration. Apple iPad is a major feature is nice and easy to use, users not familiar with the computer can easily get started, for the elderly and children, this is very conducive to the popularity of iPad. Performance of long standby, touch screen are increasing the ease of the iPad, the use of terms of time, usually iPad can use 8 hours of time, than most laptop computers have a long duration of use, very intuitive touch screen operation The fun will occur, using the mouse and keyboard users is also very easy to use. One of the biggest problems to read books with the iPad is that iPad is too heavy, long in his hand you will be tired, paper books and Kindle is still relatively light. iPad weight to some extent limit the iPad the most advantage of the electronic reader, must be read with the iPad long stents do. Why need you jailbreak iOS 5? iOS jailbreaking is a process that allows devices running Apple's iOS 5 operating system (such as the iPad 3, iPhone 5) to gain full access (root access) to unlock all features of the said operating system, thereby removing limitations imposed by Apple.

Apple iPad is not a Tablet PC, the overall orientation should be a range of mobile phones and notebook computers for entertainment and Internet terminals, iPad has a good user experience, and its positioning has forced many people confuse what is positioning, if only game, iPad is not better than Wii and PS3, if it is online, not good as the Internet (if not support Flash, Firefox, Chrome, IE), if the e-book reader, it maybe have heavy weight, if it is office, lack of physical keyboard and open platform and software. But if support all these functions, the price is only $ 3,000, it is indeed a good entertainment terminal products. From the iPad Video Converter Reviews, you will have a clear understanding of its features, functions and more. Just Free Download ot Buy it directly to have a try.

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Mardi 16 août 2011

iPhone is a smart choice to play many fun games

iPhone as a phone, its great entertainment, have become the most popular choice by game developers, and its ability to attract attention beyond the previous handheld games in general (such as the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP), App Store offers the applications that can store the game at a very low cost products quickly sold all over the world, Game Center provides social networking platform allows gamers to participate in multiplayer games via the Internet, so late-coming rookie of the Apple iPhone seems to challenge the traditional handheld console trend. dvd ripper review can give you a lot help.

We can get that its full compliance with the market trends. See the trend of development from the computer, although we can not say that jobs invented the flat, Gates has brought table pc for a long time. But Apple's operating system anf experience is new, jobs opened up a new era, and gives the product demonstration. ipod transfer is an essential software tool for users. The world's largest advertising platform, social networking platforms, virtual gaming platform, online shopping platform, all electronic public outdoor facilities have become Apple, by working closely with the government, in which digital rights have been achieved here, because the hardware is the government provided, the government distributed free of charge for people to Apple products, but inside the software and hardware are encrypted and strictly confidential, break the law. To this end the establishment of the world's largest apple audit system responsible for filtering or blocking those they do not want the software to meet with the public, literary and artistic works (in reality they have such a mechanism). Even Apple has the largest central government building intelligent computer processing system, and is responsible for maintenance, the people inside a huge database containing all the information, of course, Apple will promise not to explore people's privacy.

Overall, iPhone has so many fun games, it can be described in a well-deserved title in smart phone platform, and now Android games overall as iPhone game, most of the fun of the Android games are transplanted from the iPhone, Android games this face of the iPhone weak state, estimated in a very long time to change. Strong in the game on the iPhone, is slowly changing the traditional game in the casual games market, while, the prices of iPhone game prices become very low, so in terms of game quality and the number of games, iPhone has some advantages. You also can take attention to best dvd ripper to enjoy more.

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Lundi 15 août 2011

Apple step by step to expand its influence and even change our lives

From Apple's products, we can see its innovation-from the initial hardware and software integration mac book design, development and use of very closed environment, and the supremacy of simple design, they express a view that allow users to focus only on things he will do, without worrying about the details of other offshoot disturb his attention, this is the future concept. The iTunes music store and later the Appstore is actually based on the concept of development, but eventually evolved into a platform, and iPod touch, iPhone, iPad have mobile property, which will be the future of mobile and platforms of these two concepts in her power to Apple finally here, a clear blueprint for the future, the next step it has to do is think about how to achieve this blueprint step by step - rumored that Apple will enter the television industry and is developing iTV, which is a proof. best dvd ripper is a good tool for you.

Apple step by step to expand its influence and even change our lives, it is the realization of this future concept for this kind of situation, most people even know that is happy to see, and some people support Apple, it is precisely because they see this, their starting point is to promote the progress of human society. In short, Apple won the innovation, Apple's success with multiple reading ways, can not be ignored is the most innovative. Some people say that Apple has produced 35 years of history, but "developed as a new start-ups." And Steve Jobs himself "Stay hungry, Stay foolish" (thirsty for knowledge, open-minded), a man changed a company, created a legend. it is hard to say that Apple can rank the first in the world in the future, but as long as the spirit of innovation alive, Apple will have energy, will attract many "fruit powder." In fact, it is easy to transfer music from ipod to computer, you can find more good guides on google.

No one can deny that Apple's growth, as well as its contribution to society, in the present life, both on the bus or subway, library or coffee shop, we can seeApple products everywhere, ipad brings full visual enjoyment to people, ipod is the best music player and so on. How many people have become a true Apple fan?

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Jeudi 11 août 2011

Apple always attract the attention of countless people

Everyone there is no reason to doubt Apple's ability, whether its appearance, workmanship or material, are definitely much better than today's other digital products. People who ready to buy digital products should have the impression, Apple's products are always with their unique charm to attract the attention of countless people. Many people say that pictures and video from the point of view iPad feel bigger, but the first thing you see in-kind find it to be smaller than expected. However, on a little weight to be a little heavier than expected. You should get more information about best dvd ripper, it can help you a lot. Estimated girl for a long time, then with one hand holding the iPad will feel tired. Its shell is metal, the thickness should be about the iPhone screen because it is not clear whether the film will be easy to leave fingerprints.

iPad is not included headphones, with their own needs. Headphone jack is a standard 3.5mm, can take any set of headphones, just like Apple's notebook, iPhone's headphones can be used as iPad wire when listening to music, seemingly M8 headphones can control it. Sound quality sounds very similar to the iPhone, high quality. Here is not for evaluation. The loud speaker sound is not great, but the quality is good, do not hold too much hope. If you want to know how to transfer music from ipod to computer, you can search from google or other websites online.

There are reports that the iPad WIFI problems, will often disconnected. But I am very stable long-term use, because my family is also using Apple's TimeCapsule router, iPad, and router support 802.11N mode, the speed can reach 300Mbps, playing on the computer directly through WIFI 720P HD video is very smooth, without any break continued. At least the WIFI of my ipad is perfectly. iPad is using the same operating system of iPhone and iTouch, rather than the Mac OS. The perfect support for Chinese, pinyin and handwriting input method, even old-year users will enter Chinese characters. Multi-tasks should wait until the iPhone OS4 upgrade before official release (said to be this fall), when the utility of the iPad will certainly raise a very significant level.

Best video converter can well solve all of my problem about transfer any free videos to my iphone, just choose the most suitable one for yourself. Most people say that ipad is a good gift for their loves because it is such a perfect digital product with powerful functions and unqiue features. Let's ipad walk into our life, make our life more beautiful from now on. Why not to buy one for yourself? Why not to pay your attention to charming iPad? From now on, just be yourself and perfectly enjor your life. Hope everyone can live better.

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